Healthy Habits of Successful Professionals

Above and beyond navigating the politics of any workplace, there are certain habits that are shared by professionals which build the foundation for success in their careers. This is true regardless of the profession. Here are just a few healthy habits that may help you in your journey.

Embracing challenge is a key attribute of successful professionals as they often see difficult and challenging situations as opportunities for personal growth. Some professions, such as healthcare, are grounded in challenging situations, so cultivating an attitude that welcomes challenge will enable you to take on greater obstacles as you grow into new positions with greater authority and responsibilities.

Attention to detail is a hallmark of most successful professionals. If you’re in the healthcare field, lives often depend upon your ability to be detailed in your work as well as observant of small details that might go unnoticed by others.

Adaptability is key. The ability to handle changes in scheduling and responsibility, or adjusting to various emotional situations, are just a few of the ways that adaptability can build or destroy the foundation of success for a healthcare professional. If you can learn to be adaptable, you will build confidence in yourself that you will be able to handle anything thrown your way. This is a noticeable quality that will distinguish from your peers when it comes to achieving higher levels of responsibility.

Truly successful professionals never stop learning. The healthcare landscape will never cease to evolve. Thus it is to your great advantage that you educate yourself about the newest breakthroughs, processes, and techniques that can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Additionally, professionals who make learning a cornerstone of their careers are also known for learning from other people – not just in the classroom or the latest journal.

Healthcare professionals talking

Great communication skills are necessary for success in any profession. Not only do communication skills make you more desirable to work with, they can also make a difference between life and death for some patients. If you want to build a career in healthcare, good communication skills will help you lay a strong foundation with your co-workers and superiors. The better a professional communicates, the easier it is for him or her to maintain a sense of professionalism in delicate situations.

Habits that directly affect physical and emotional health are just as important as those that affect attitude. One of the most important habits to learn from successful professionals is learning to make time for you. This can range from getting enough sleep, or finding a few minutes to read something of interest, to indulging a guilty pleasure.

One of the ways that successful professionals make time for themselves is by making time for exercise. It’s difficult to take care of others and make their needs priorities when you haven’t first taken care of yourself. Exercising, even for as little as 30 minutes, can make a world of difference throughout your workday.

Many successful people will find the time before or after work to prepare for or distress from the day. Morning exercise can jumpstart your metabolism and provide an energy boost that helps you think more clearly and combat stress. Exercising can also help you sleep better at night.

Along with exercise, successful professionals practice a habit of getting good nutrition. Eating a healthy breakfast for those that start their day in the morning – especially early in the morning – is imperative. If you work a shift, you may need to eat foods that provide quick releases of energy or slower, longer releases of energy depending on when your shift starts, how long it lasts, and how intense you’ll have to work during the shift.

Increasingly, successful professionals are incorporating time to meditate into their routines. Regardless of whether it is a formal meditative process or just a period of calm reflection, setting aside meditation time can help lower stress levels and improve cognitive functioning, creative thinking, and productivity.

Healthcare workers meditate

Visualizing the day often goes hand-in-hand with meditation. Successful people often make lists of what tasks they’d like to accomplish each day in addition to setting weekly goals.

When successful professionals take the time to identify both the constants in their schedules and areas where there is room for surprises, they can set themselves up for getting more done each day. They are also ready for unexpected events and changes that may derail plans requiring new direction. In addition, by thinking about how the day fits into their larger goals in life, they can begin visualizing a daily path to achieving those goals.


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