Top 10 Apps for Nurses

With increasing patient loads and responsibilities, it can be nearly impossible for good nurses to be able to hold all of the information they need throughout the day in their heads. The same is true when it comes to staying organized and efficient in their goals to provide the best patient care. Today’s nurses are increasingly relying on nursing apps on their smartphones that can improve efficiency and even patients’ experiences. Here are the top ten apps for nurses that we gathered from a wide variety of nursing blogs, articles, and reviews.

1. EpocratesRX

Considered the gold standard for obtaining drug information, Epocarates includes an expansive disease database, pill identifier, drug interaction guide, lab test reference and infectious disease guide. Nurses rely on this app to get prescribing and safety information for thousands of brand, generic, and alternative medication and OTC drugs (includes formulations, alternatives, active ingredients, uses and adverse reactions.) The MedMath feature provides useful medical calculators including a Pregnancy Wheel, Basal Energy Expenditure and many more.

2. Nursing Central

Another big drug information app is Nursing Central, which helps nurses and students find detailed information on diseases, tests, drugs and procedures. The app has an automatically updated database of 5,000 drugs and 60,000 dictionary entries. It can interpret hundreds of lab and diagnostic tests and allows users to access the latest disease information. In addition, users have access to 17 million journal articles and nursing journals with tables of contents, citations, and abstracts delivered directly to their mobile devices.

3. Nurse’s Pocket Guide

The Nurse’s Pocket Guide is an app version of a longstanding print manual that helps nurses assess patients and determine proper nursing diagnoses and treatment protocols directly at patients’ bedsides. Arranged by priority, each diagnosis includes a definition, desired outcomes, risk factors, actions/interventions, documentation focus and more. Nurse’s Pocket Guide also includes information on basic nursing processes and their applications, as well as sample care plans and tips for creating them.

4. Skyscape Nursing Constellation

Nursing Constellation is an all-in-one nursing solution that includes five of the most used references for nursing so that users have access to these databases on their mobile devices. The references include:

  • Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses with built in drug dosing calculation tools
  • The Medical Letter’s Adverse Drug Interactions Tool
  • RNotes®: Nurse’s Clinical Pocket Guide
  • Skyscape Labs°™
  • MobileDDx™ – Differential Diagnosis Tool
  • MedBeat – Skyscape Medical Alerts
  • Skyscape Calculator PLUS°™ Medical Calculator
  • ICD-9-CM Coding Tool

5. IV Drip Rate Calculator

Nurses can easily, quickly, and accurately calculate IV drip rates with this customized calculator app made for IV drips. Its simple user interface is handy to use in any clinical setting.

6. ShiftPlanning (for Android, and iOS)

This is a streamlined, all-inclusive time management app that helps nurses manage tasks, busy schedules and even sends auto reminders.

7. MediBabble Translator (Android, iOS)

This app is an ideal companion for nurses who are increasingly treating non-English speaking patients. The translator tool is geared specifically toward medical situations and average non-clinical language and words used by patients to describe an ailment or respond to nurse enquiries. The tool is designed to help smooth out communication with patients to facilitate care.

8. Nursing in a Flash – Med Surg Volumes I & II (for Android and iOS)

This is designed for nurses in education settings as a study assistance tool. The app does away with multiple choices and converts 4,700 study questions into reviewable flash cards making it easy for students to fit in a quick study session wherever they might be.

9.Evernote (for Android and iOS)

While this app isn’t specifically targeted to medical professionals, countless nurses use it as a tool for organizing schedules and making other work related notes on the fly that can be kept safe, secure and easily accessible.

10. Davis Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests (for Android and iOS)

This can be another must have for nurses as it has over 400 tests in its database to help nurses navigate, process and interpret lab tests.


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