Best Apps for Physical Therapists

Mobile technology has been on the rise with no signs of slowing down. There seems to be an app for anything and everything under the sun, including ones specific to physical therapy. The majority of physical therapy apps generally fall into three main categories:

  • Patient Education/Communication
  • Staff / Student Reference
  • Clinical Tools

With so many apps available, how do you know what apps will be best for your practice? We’ve decided to help narrow down your search to the most valuable apps for physical therapists. Here are our top five physical therapy apps:

  1. Shoulder Decide- Physical Therapy AppShoulder Decide, Knee Decide, Spine Decide, Hand Decide, Hip Decide and Foot Decide.

Although these are actually six separate apps by Orca Health, Inc, they are similar in content and purpose. Often patients will first turn to the Internet as a resource for information and advice about their injury or recovery. Instead of taking the risk in following advice from an unreliable source, your patients can use this app’s interactive 3-D anatomical models and animations to explain injuries in a simplistic and visual way. These apps also feature a bank of rehabilitation exercises for specific injuries. The best part is they’re free.



Muscle Trigger Points- Physical Therapy Apps

2 . Muscle Trigger Points

This resourceful anatomy app displays muscle trigger points in detail in order to help find and treat them. For only $2.99 you’ll receive access to detailed explanation and images of common trigger points and patterns.

Muscle Premium

3. Muscle Premium

For $19.99, Muscle Premium gives you access to a variety of resources, including: thousands of 3D muscle, bone, ligament, nerve and artery models; definitions; pronunciations; landmarks; attachments; and blood supplies. This is the perfect app whether you are a PT student or professional looking to brush up on your knowledge. It even comes with short quizzes and step-by-step instructional presentations to test your knowledge and memory.

ICD-10 Consult 2016- PT Appps

4. ICD-10 Consult 2016

If you ever have trouble recalling an ICD-10 code, don’t fret. There’s a free app for that! This user-friendly app allows you to easily search the entire current ICD-10-CM code sets. Not only that, you can also browse diagnoses and review sections and instructions.

Stopwatch - Physical Therapy App

5. Stopwatch & Timer

The stopwatch & timer app has capabilities beyond the timer app that come standard on most smart phones. This free app allows you to have five different timers set at one time, which is especially handy for physical therapists. It also allows you to label the timers in order to avoid mixing the timers up.

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