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PACT for Animals Referral Program- GHResources

At General Healthcare Resources, we are always looking for ways to get involved and give back to our community. As members of the healthcare industry, helping others is at the core of our business. We’re proud to team up with PACT for Animals, an organization that provides temporary housing for hospital patients and military personnel’s pets until their owner can return. This wonderful, unique program is a completely free service to those in need. PACT is funded entirely by donations.

In support of their services, GHR has teamed up to provide our employees the opportunity to donate their referral bonuses to help support PACT’s efforts. Referral temps who 40 work hours can help us support PACT by donating a portion of their referral bonus directly to PACT’s animal welfare services

About PACT for Animals

PACT –People + Animals= Companions Together

PACT gives peace of mind to hospital patients and military personnel by placing their pets in temporary foster homes until their owners can be reunited with the companion animals they love. There are tons of companion animals that are surrendered into animal shelters due to temporary crises. By providing access to safe foster homes for animals until their human companions can take them back, PACT reduces the number of animals in animal shelters and gives the owners peace of mind that their best friends will not be lost, abused, or euthanized.

In addition to PACT’s unique free programs such as their Military and Hospital Foster Programs, they also work to support animal caregivers with their emergency needs and educational seminars. They believe that sharing knowledge and supporting the community is the best way to improve the lives of companion animals and their human owners, so both can live healthier and happier lives.

For more information on PACT, visit their website.

Our Referral Program

At General Healthcare Resources, we reward individuals with a $100 referral bonus for each person you refer to us after their completion of forty hours of work with us. In addition, we have a longevity bonus of $200 after the completion of 1,000 hours of work with us. Individuals can receive these bonuses regardless if the referring party is active with us or not!

If you know of any nursing, therapy, pharmacy, or behavioral health and education professionals that are looking for a new or different opportunity, let us know. We thank you for referring dedicated employees that will help with our growth and continued success.

For more information or to make a referral, visit here.


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