May is National Foster Care Month: Learn the Facts and Stats

The month of May is recognized as National Foster Care Month, a time to acknowledge foster parents, mentors, child welfare professionals, volunteers, policymakers and other members of the child welfare community who help children in foster care find families, build connections and have a brighter future. Each week, nearly 60,000 children in the US are reported as abused or neglected and about 520,000 of those children end up in a foster home each year. For the welfare and wellbeing of children in the foster care system, it’s important that during National Foster Care Month we renew our commitment to ensuring them a brighter future and recognize those who are making a meaningful difference in their lives.

The Truth About Foster Care

Unfortunately, many of America’s child welfare system are badly broken, and it’s the children in the system that receive the repercussion. Siblings will be separated, children will be bounced from one placement to another with no security, and too many are further abused mostly due to lack of resources. In the system that is supposed to protect the children and provide them with a nurturing, loving home and family, instead, they can languish for years in homes.

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How Can You Make a Difference to a Child in the Foster Systems Life?

Whether you choose to open your home to a child in need, provide support, become a mentor or simply donate to a foster care center, there are a variety of ways you make a significant difference in the life of a child in foster care. Here are some ways you can brighten up the lives of a foster child in need.

Foster parents provide a child in need with a safe, loving, nurturing environment for a temporary period. There are different types of foster care parents need. Follow the link for more information.

Children in the foster care system long for a loving family of their own. Consider adopting a foster child and give them the future they deserve. Follow the link for more information.

  • Become a Mentor

Youth and teens in the foster system need mentors that they can turn to for support, encouragement, and advice. Here are some organization through which you can become a mentor to children in need:

o   Big Brother, Big Sister


o   Foster Care to Success

Foster Grandparents individuals ages 55 and older who volunteer to be role models, mentors and friends to foster children in their communities. Follow the link for more information

Do you have gently used children’s clothes or supplies? Donate them to a local Foster Care Donation Center today and help a child in need! Follow the link to find a donation center in your community.

Qualified therapist services are always in demand for foster youth. Consider joining one of their Clinical Chapters and help foster young people and teens today! Follow the link for more information




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