General Healthcare Resources, Inc. is committed to providing professional, ethical, quality staffing. The Code of Ethics guides GHR’s employees and sets the standard for their professional conduct, commitment, performance and integrity.

General Healthcare Resources’ employees make a commitment to:

  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner, with a high level of accountability to their job and Employer.
  • Recognize integrity as doing what is right and pursuing a high standard of conduct and honesty in all situations.
  • Treat all individuals encountered or entrusted to their care with respect and dignity.
  • Deliver quality care and service, unrestricted by concerns of personal attributes and without discrimination.
  • Carry out responsibilities of assigned job while respecting coworkers and conducting themselves in a manner that contributes to an environment free from all forms of harassment.
  • Protect confidences entrusted to them in the course of professional practice, respecting the right to privacy of the patient, client, and Employer; revealing confidential information only as required by law.
  • Use equipment, employ techniques and procedures, and perform services in accordance with acceptable standards of practice and client protocol.
  • Respect all laws and avoid any involvement in false, fraudulent, or deceptive activity.
  • Honor all contracts, agreements, and assigned responsibilities.

All employees are encouraged to report any perceived breech of ethics or conflicts of interest; you may do so by contacting the Director of Human Resources at 800-879-4471 or