Executive Biography of Robert Bechtold


rbechtoldA dedicated employee for over 10 years, Robert Bechtold is AVP of Sales and Marketing for General Healthcare Resources, Inc. (GHR).

Rob’s primary role as AVP of Sales and Marketing at GHR is to increase business development, manage over 2,000 client contracts, and generate market awareness.  Rob also continuously works hard to position the firm in front of highly recognized local, regional, and national organizations, in order to deliver experienced healthcare professionals.  Rob is most recognized for his excellent customer service skills, as he exudes honesty, integrity, and enthusiasm when working with his clients.  With over ten years of experience in managing client expectations, Rob has a proven track record in supporting his clients while focusing on both their individual and corporate needs.

In addition to his role as AVP of Sales and Marketing, Rob has also spent some of his time at GHR using his marketing expertise to help mentor his sales and marketing peers.

Rob graduated from Philadelphia University in 2002, earning a B.S. degree in Management and Marketing.  Rob currently resides outside of the Philadelphia region with his wife.  In his spare time, Rob enjoys playing sports and traveling.


What Rob loves most about GHR:

“I appreciate the company’s dedication to deliver customer service, as well as their tireless effort towards delivering top talent.”

Favorite Quote:

“Treat every client as if they were your only client.” – Unknown