Our job is to provide healthcare facilities with the qualified personnel they need to deliver quality care to patients. Whether it is as simple as providing a person or two to help with shift coverage, or as complex as creating a pandemic support program for a state’s most at-risk population, our mission is to help you help others.

Congregate care facilities have been particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus health crisis. When one state needed a healthcare staffing firm to meet the heightened demand for training, education, and patient care resulting from COVID-19, they partnered with General Healthcare Resources (GHR).

The COVID Response Program was developed to offer LTC Facilities the training, education, and staffing help needed due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19. Based on guidelines established by the state’s Department of Health, our responsibilities include sourcing, training, and deploying clinical teams across the state to conduct health assessments, COVID testing, Infection Prevention Training and Observations, as well as Crisis Response Staffing for LTC facilities.

To date, GHR has trained and placed over 100 deployment team members across the state. Additionally, we have provided training for hundreds of team members on infection prevention protocol, helped facilities meet COVID testing deadlines, and provided much-needed clinicians to buildings that lost staff due to COVID illness.

As COVID-19 cases continued to spike in a major northeastern metropolitan area, city leadership recognized an urgent need for a temporary community surge center to provide care for recovering COVID patients, while freeing up critical resources in area emergency departments needed for new patients. They turned to General Healthcare Resources (GHR) to plan, implement, and manage the clinical staffing needs for the center.

Recognizing the sense of urgency needed, we moved quickly to build out staffing plans, sourcing strategies, recruiting programs, and expedited compliance processes. Within nine days, the program was operational with the first team of clinical specialists in place and operational. In addition to managing the GHR clinicians, the GHR on-site team also coordinated the staffing of a third party group providing Medical Providers.

Throughout the run of the temporary facility, we staffed over 85 clinicians, including Nurses,
Therapists, Behavioral Health Specialists, and Pharmacy personnel. The Surge Center successfully handled all patients transferred to the facility and provided much-needed relief to area hospitals during a critical juncture of the pandemic.

Recognizing the inefficiencies of giving individual facilities the ability to implement and manage clinical staffing programs at the hospital level, one of the largest health systems in the Mid-Atlantic area wanted a better healthcare staffing solution model. They looked to General Healthcare Resources (GHR) to create a consolidated Managed Services Provider (MSP) program to streamline their staffing program while driving usage transparency and improved cost controls.

Working with the GHR Workforce Solutions division, the client implemented our vendor-neutral MSP program to manage all staffing activity across their system through a centralized purchasing and quality control platform. Through an approved network of affiliate vendors, our MSP solution meets all contingent staffing needs system-wide. The program also gives the client more account control, increased contingent usage insight, standardized operating processes, and consistent performance tracking system-wide.

In addition to providing the qualified clinical and non-clinical staff needed, the client continues to enjoy both hard and soft cost savings across all facilities and services. We were able to streamline labor purchase and approval processes while monitoring and storing compliance for audit purposes.

One of the country’s largest food and beverage manufacturers turned to General Healthcare Resources (GHR) for help improving the effectiveness of their on-site wellness program at a key site. With over 800 employees, the company needed a better solution to manage employee healthcare needs, reduce healthcare costs and avoid lost productivity at the plant.

After working with the client to review their current program, GHR identified several areas for potential improvement, the primary being the current health facility size and staff structure, which was not able to keep up with the health needs of the workforce. Through our staffing partnership, we provided two highly skilled nurses to serve as their primary health managers; effectively triaging employee’s needs, establishing appropriate care plans and conducting patient follow-up.

Because of the enhanced program, the site has enjoyed improved plant productivity, leading to increased deliverables and revenue. Additionally, the program has reduced the overall health benefit cost for the company, while cutting down on sick days and creating a healthier workforce.

These are just a few examples of how we partner with our clients to find the right workforce solution, and qualified personnel, to solve their unique staffing needs. Contact us for more information and discuss how we can go to work for you.