GHR applicants must meet certain selection standards before being placed in assignments with our clients. GHR takes the responsibility of the care of our clients’ patients very seriously. We will not place an employee at a healthcare facility until they have completed our application process

Once an Employee Profile has been submitted, applicants will be matched to client assignments after the following processes have been completed.

Completion of:

  1. GHR application
  2. Appropriate skills checklist(s)
  3. Submittal of 2 professional references
  4. Background Information Release form
  • Phone interview with Staffing Specialist
    Through the phone interview, a Staffing Specialist will ascertain your shift preferences, any facility preferences you may have, what types of settings you have experience in and prefer, along with your skill sets in those areas.
  • Verification of licensure or certification (as appropriate for profession)
    You must have a valid and current license/certification for the profession and state you wish to work in. Your license/certification must be in good standing.
  • Review of application, work history and two (2) professional references
  • Completion and submittal of Core Credentials*
    (*in addition to Core Credentials, other mandatory credentials are due within two weeks of hire)
  • A designated Staffing Specialist will locate assignments that match your preferences as closely as possible. When an assignment has been found with a client, you will be called to confirm the acceptance of the shift.
  • A designated Credentialing Specialist will contact you to review the balance of credentials needed to complete your employee file.

So Apply Now! Applications can be completed and submitted on-line, or downloaded and faxed/mailed back to us. We’d also be happy to send an application packet to you by mail; just contact us at 800-879-4471 to request a packet.