Welcome to your annual OSHA Training. This tests consists of 31 questions. You will need to receive an 80% or better to pass. If you receive a score below 80% you will need to retake the test. If you have any questions please contact your Credentialing Specialist. Thank you and good luck 

Job Title
1) Blood-borne pathogens may enter the system through:
2) Culture is static and does not change.
3) Aggressive behavior may occur between:
4) A person's culture determines how they act in certain situations and how they respond to experiences.
5) Experts insist that the number one method of preventing the spread of infection is:
6) Which of the following is NOT a predisposing factor for violence?
7) If a fire is suspected on the other side of a door, which of the following is the FIRST step to aid you in determining
if it is safe to open the door without allowing the fire to blast through?
8) Select the best answer. Self-awareness includes paying attention to:
9) High levels of stress could be the reason for an employee to become violent.
10) You are caring for a client with a diagnosis of Tuberculosis. Before interacting with clients, you must:
11) Your first action when a fire is discovered is to
12) Select the best answer. Which of the following is a precipitating factor of violence?
13) Which behaviors are indicative of a patient becoming aggressive?
14) Behavioral health workers, police officers, and healthcare workers are three (3) groups who are at a _________ risk
of experiencing workplace violence.
15) It is acceptable for a supervisor to use their position of authority to intimidate employees.
16) If another employee tries to start a fist fight with you at work, what should you do?
17) Workplace violence never involves non-employees of the facility.
18) Which Class fires involve grease, oil or anything that boils?
19) Which of the following could be a source of workplace violence?
20) You should always treat body fluids as if they are infectious and avoid direct skin contact with them.
21) A person's values and beliefs are not affected by their culture.
22) Gloves should be changed:
23) It is important that you understand how a client interacts with their family when taking care of them.
24) Placing the proper chemicals/liquids in proper containers is one way to
25) If you notice that a visitor has a gun strapped to their leg, what should you do?
26) What does the acronym RACE stand for?
27) Culture is defined by:
28) Which of the following materials could contain blood-borne pathogens?
29) Zero tolerance is a policy outlining what is and is not acceptable behavior in the workplace.
30) If you do not agree with a patient's beliefs and know that they might harm them, what should you do?
31) It is acceptable to wash your hands with alcohol-based hand hygiene products if your hands are NOT visibly soiled.