Welcome to your annual OSHA Training. This tests consists of 54 questions. You will need to receive an 80% or better to pass. If you receive a score below 80% you will need to retake the test. If you have any questions please contact your Credentialing Specialist. Thank you and good luck 

Job Title
1) Risk Management is important to healthcare facilities in order to:
2) Which of the following legally have permission to access a patient’s personal health information?
3) The health care provider does not agree with a patient's beliefs or the treatment option they have chosen. The health care provider should:
4) The most common reaction to latex is?
5) Your best defense in any legal issue is:
6) All of the following are supported by the patient bill of rights except:
7) Who can be the sexual harasser?
8) The most reliable indicator of pain is:
9) Why should healthcare employees be educated on how to recognize substance abuse?
10) Sexual harassment can only occur if:
11) The first step in identifying a patient possibly infected with EVD should be done initially by:
12) In which age group will the average human peak in their physical and athletic abilities?
13) Improper use of restraints can lead to all of the following accept:
14) Which of the following would be considered a near-miss error?
15) What is a healthcare provider expected to do if approached with a complaint?
16) Who should be involved in in the interdisciplinary plan of care?
17) Which of the following explains the intended purpose of the Do Not Use Abbreviation list?
18) The most effective method for preventing the transmission of infectious diseases is:
19) The Ebola Virus is known to live on surfaces for as long as several:
20) Select the best answer. Which of the following is a precipitating factor that could lead to violence?
21) Reducing employee’s work related injuries and illnesses will in turn reduce:
22) The purpose of an interdisciplinary plan of care is to:
23) Which is the correct way to write daily when documenting?
24) Which of the following refers to always telling the truth, even if the person doesn’t want to hear the truth?
25) Which of the following would be an example of promoting a culture of safety?
26) Willful violations are:
27) Can a patient refuse care?
28) When is a complaint or grievance considered resolved?
29) The healthcare provider can legally release private healthcare information, without patients’ consent, for all of the following except:
30) The health care professional discussed and identified the spiritual wants and needs of a patient. During the discussion she learned that the patient is a Jehovah’s Witness. The heath care professional should confirm and document that the patient:
31) Pain may be managed effectively by using a combination of pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches. Which of the following is a non-pharmacological measure?
32) Which of the following items would the caregiver need to verify is latex free before using for a patient who has a latex allergy?
33) Advance directives are documents which state a patient's decision concerning:
34) Health practitioners may hesitate to report an impaired fellow practitioner due to the believe that the State Board
Examiners will:
35) What should be done if a patient's wife offers a staff member money?
36) Reporting fraud is one example of an employee conducting themselves with:
37) Which of the following defines healthcare fraud?
38) The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) insures that all patients:
39) Which of the following is true concerning child abuse and neglect?
40) Which age group typically develops the hand eye coordination to hold their own bottle and reach for objects with both hands.
41) A health care professional hears an elderly patient’s daughter telling her mother, “I can’t believe you soiled your pants again Mom! I won’t allow you to watch your favorite show with your friends tonight!” The patient is experiencing:
42) Restraints must be released and then safely and properly reapplied:
43) The Safety Data Sheet provides information on all of the following except:
44) Which of the following is NOT a part of the quality improvement process?
45) Which of the following is the most complete definition of a fall?
46) When lifting a heavy object you should:
47) When filling out the incident report, you should include which of the following?
48) If someone at work has become badly injured from an offender's aggressive actions, you should first:
49) Standard Precautions:
50) If a patient falls, what should you do first?
51) What should be done if you have injured yourself at work?
52) The main purpose of Quality Improvement is to:
53) Which of the following would NOT be found on the Patient's Bill of Rights?
54) What is the primary goal of the Environment of Care program?