Welcome to your annual OSHA Training. This tests consists of 56 questions. You will need to receive an 80% or better to pass. If you receive a score below 80% you will need to retake the test. If you have any questions please contact your Credentialing Specialist. Thank you and good luck 

Job Title
1) The first step in creating a care plan is to:
2) Why should healthcare employees be educated on how to recognize substance abuse?
3) A restraint order must contain which of the following?
4) Medicare requires healthcare facilities to develop a staff education plan regarding:
5) The healthcare provider is caring for a patient with a diagnosis of Tuberculosis. Before entering the patient's room, the healthcare provider must:
6) Health practitioners may hesitate to report an impaired fellow practitioner due to the believe that the State Board Examiners will:
7) Which of the following should be plugged into a red outlet at all times?
8) The health care provider does not agree with a patient's beliefs or the treatment option they have chosen. The health care provider should:
9) The Interdisciplinary Plan of Care (IPC) is a healthcare document which is ___________?
10) All of the following are covered under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act except:
11) Which of the following medication doses is correctly written to help avoid miscommunication?
12) The most effective method for preventing the transmission of infectious diseases is:
13) Which of the following is the most complete definition of a fall?
14) In which age group is it important for the clinician to use a security toy or pacifier to reduce the patient's anxiety?
15) What is a healthcare provider expected to do if approached with a complaint?
16) Which of the following is a level 3 violence?
17) Ebola is spread through:
18) Which of the following would cause tension between the patient and caregiver?
19) When explaining an X-Ray procedure of the colon to a preschooler, it is acceptable to use which of the following terms?
20) Which of the following is the correct way to write a magnesium sulfate order?
21) HIPAA regulates, protects, and improves all of the following except:
22) An incident or occurrence report is a tool used for which of the following?
23) Safety culture:
24) Which of the following would be considered a sentinel event?
25) Which of the following is not a part of an advance directive?
26) The healthcare provider suspects that he has a latex allergy. The healthcare provider should:
27) Early signs and symptoms of an Ebola infected patient may mimic which of the following diseases?
28) Which of the following groups are statistically more likely to become victims of domestic violence?
29) Which of the following would be the best practice for storing heavy objects?
30) Which of the following is a tool published by OSHA that allows employers to document the type, location, and cause of an employee's injury?
31) Acute Pain is:
32) Which of the following represents what a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FEMA) is:
33) What information should be given to all patients upon admission?
34) Once the patient has completed and signed an advanced directive:
35) All of the following are supported by the patient bill of rights except:
36) If you observe a caregiver asking a patient for money, what should you do?
37) The town factory has a massive explosion. The nearby hospital would consider this a(an):
38) Information disclosure encompasses all of the following accept:
39) Which ethical principal ensures the patient’s right to make their own healthcare decisions, even if the healthcare provider does not agree with those decisions?
40) Which of the following best describes standards of care?
41) Healthcare facilities are required to have a QAPI (Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement) program to ensure:
42) Which of the following items could be considered a physical restraint:
43) A healthcare provider who acts out of ill will is violating which of the following principles?
44) Which of the following items would the caregiver need to verify is latex free before using for a patient who has a latex allergy?
45) Which of the following defines healthcare fraud?
46) When lifting a heavy object you should:
47) Sexual harassment can only occur if:
48) If another employee states that they would like to harm you, you should:
49) Which of the following patients are at higher risk for poor pain management?
50) A teen mom is being admitted to the labor and delivery floor to deliver her second child. The health care professional observes the patient’s first child, an 18 month old boy, and notes the child looks very thin and has noticable hygiene problems. The health care professional should report possible:
51) Which of the following legally have permission to access a patient’s personal health information?
52) A patient not receiving a routine chest X-ray on admission, would be considered which type of error?
53) Fall risk assessments, such as the Morse Fall Scale, include which of the following assessment factors?
54) When investigating a claim of sexual harassment, the company should: