1. Purpose

General Healthcare Resources (GHR) is to provide consistent standards to ensure that employees of GHR are aware of and acknowledge these obligations to protect the personal information and other confidential information under the custody and control of GHR or under the custody and control of any other facility or client that GHR provides services to and to which GHR employees have access to while performing their role.  GHR is committed to ensuring that individual privacy rights are respected.

     2. Policy

GHR is aware of the importance of maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of employees, clinical staff, and client personal and client business information. Everyone must treat what they learn about our employees, clinical staff, clients, and vendors and each of their businesses as confidential information. This policy applies to all personal and confidential information regardless of format or how it is, collected, stored or recorded. This policy applies while in the course of working and conducting business for or on behalf of GHR, including when off-duty, and extends beyond the completion of the employment or business relationship.



Security of Information

GHR is committed to maintaining the security of personal and other sensitive information of employees, clinical staff and clients, including appropriate physical security of records and security safeguards for computer and network systems. All employees are expected to comply with GHR security requirements developed for use of such systems. All employees have the responsibility to protect against unauthorized access and disclosure of personal information. This responsibility includes ensuring that access or disclosure is only made to or by authorized individuals upon consent for release of information and reasonable measures are taken to prevent any unauthorized access, disclosure, loss or theft of information.


This privacy policy describes how GHR may use and disclose personally identifiable and other information that we may collect about employees, clinical staff and clients through our website. GHR is committed and takes the appropriate steps to protecting the online privacy of employees, clinical staff and clients. All information is protected by encryption through our secure server and other security control systems designed to prevent unauthorized disclosure of personal information.


When the GHR website is accessed, whether to apply for a job as an employee, we use personal information and other data collected to register, to provide them with information regarding employment. GHR may share candidate or clinical staff information with clients for the express purpose of considering them for career opportunities.


When the GHR website is used by a client to complete a “Staff Request Form” we may ask for certain personal information to provide them with requested information of services. For clients, GHR may share company information with candidates or clinical staff for the express purpose of fulfilling their hiring/assignment requirements.


The categories of personal information we may request include, but is not limited to name and contact information (email, address and phone number).  Any login ID or email and password created is protected.


Although we may collect certain information, we will not disclose any names, telephone number, or other personal information to any other companies or individuals unless authorized. We may, however, disclose information if we are legally required to do so.


The website utilizes cookies to track online activities, including, but not limited to, registration, submissions, and information requests.
If you have any questions about our website privacy policy, please contact us at (800) 879-4471.