The Operation

It is part of our culture at GHR to make certain that we do everything possible to provide the best potential client outcomes. All recruitment, hiring, and staffing is monitored daily by the staffing manager to insure consistent quality control and appropriate communication is provided in all circumstances. Because of the current demands in the healthcare and human services industry, we provide extensive training to all of our internal staffing, recruitment, credentialing, and management personnel, to make certain we are consistent in all areas of service and operations. Each client service team member receives a minimum of sixty days of intense recruitment, staffing, and customer service training to help them clearly understand our company’s core values, principles, and the overall importance of our client relationships and how they relate to the success of our company’s entire mission.

Prior to Scheduling

General Healthcare Resources, Inc. qualifies and hires prospective candidates through an extensive telephone pre-screening and interview process with an experienced recruiter. The recruiter works directly with each candidate during the interview process to determine the candidate’s clinical strengths, scope of experience as it relates to current market demand and overall core competencies. In order for any potential candidate to qualify as an employee of General Healthcare Resources, Inc., each prospective employee must provide three professional references from healthcare or human services professionals that have worked with the prospective candidate within the past five years so that the recruiter can obtain an objective appraisal of each potential candidate’s experience and quality of care rating. In accordance with our screening and interview processes each potential candidate must provide the appropriate credentialing and certifications to adhere to JHACO standards, as well as all federal, state and individual client standards.

Once any of our candidates have been scheduled into any assignment, the respective staffing specialist routinely communicates with the appropriate client contact, as well as the scheduled candidate to ensure that both parties are mutually satisfied.


GHR’s credentialing department utilizes the TSS software, which notifies the appropriate credentialing specialist when any of the required credentials have or will be expiring. This allows the credentialing specialist to request current credentials prior to the staffing specialist submitting any employee for an assignment and throughout their active employment status with GHR.

Handling Performance Issues

In keeping with our proactive recruiting model, all of our recruiters conduct rigid interviews, verify employment history, and conduct reference checks to insure that we hire clinically sound candidates with a consistently positive work history. Knowing that our clients depend on us for reliable and consistent service, GHR informs all of our external employees of what it means to be a representative of GHR, and we receive signed attestation that they have read and understand all of our employee policies and procedures. In the event that a client findsa particular GHR employee unsatisfactory, GHR will replace such employee upon notification from the client.

Corrective Action

In regards to any candidate not performing to the client standards, GHR will request written documentation of the incident or a statement that demonstrates inability to perform at acceptable skill levels. It will be the facility’s decision whether or not to seek an immediate replacement or if we should continue to schedule our candidate until we can introduce a stronger candidate to fulfill the previous candidate’s shift commitments. When there are serious service infractions of the client’s acceptable standards, the candidate will be removed from the assignment. GHR will work diligently to replace any candidate that has been deemed unsatisfactory by the individual facility standards. Any future shift commitments that remain open will be marketed to all of our current and prospective employees in the same manner with a sense of urgency, and we will keep in constant communication with your appropriate personnel regarding any progress in our re-sourcing efforts.

Status and Progress Reporting

Every request for staffing support is received and inputted into our database immediately after request, by phone, fax, or email. Clients are given a realistic timeline on any request for support within 15 minutes of receipt of request. It is part of our culture at GHR to treat every client request with a sense of urgency because we fully understand that the majority of our clients seek our services as final resolution to their staffing challenges.

In the event that GHR cannot produce a qualified candidate within our average timelines, our first step will be to immediately inform your organization by phone so that you can seek alternative resources if needed. Our next step would be to broadcast the open request or requests for staff as a priority. We will stay in constant communication with your organization to make certain you have not fulfilled the request internally, and we will provide you with constant updates on any progress that we have made in fulfilling the immediate need or future requests for staff. On an ongoing basis GHR can supply our clients with reports that will detail the assignments that have been offered to us by shift, the assignments that have been filled, and the assignments that have been cancelled by the client or by GHR so that both parties can track overall performance.


In order to address all of our clients’ individual and specific needs every day, General Healthcare Resources, Inc. has made a substantial investment in a specialized scheduling, time, and billing software solution called TSS-Temp Scheduling System. With the use of the TSS software, we are able to manage our Nursing, Therapy, Pharmacy, and specialized employee populations by geography, specialty, priority, shift, and availability. This software system also gives us the capability of tracking open needs, filled shifts, and cancelled client job orders within our entire customer network. The extensive reporting functionality within TSS has helped all of our offices recognize client shift trends and identify recruitment patterns in every market region that we support.

On Call Coverage

GHR realizes that having a sense of urgency is extremely important when supporting our clients’ ever-changing and increasing demands for healthcare and behavioral health & education professionals. Based on this understanding, GHR has now made it possible to speak with, “LIVE” on-call personnel, located within our corporate office between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, as well as, 24-hour “LIVE” coverage on Saturdays and Sundays.

Billing Accuracy

In order to achieve accuracy in billing, our field employees utilize a physical timecard that must be signed by an appropriate contact at each facility before processing. Since we utilize TSS (Temp Scheduling System) we can validate the shifts identified on each time card through our database to insure 100% accuracy in rates, shifts worked, and each unit or facility identified on the time card.