Instructions for Injuries on the Job

Employees must report any work-related injury/incident to GHR within 24 hours, regardless of if medical treatment is sought.

Report Your Injury

If employees need to report a work-related injury/incident while on assignment for GHR, they must comply with the following:

  • Contact GHR’s injury hotline, PMA Care 24 Nurse Call Service (PMA Care 24), at 1-833-957-0792; service is available 24/7/365. Once triaged by a RN, employees will be directed to a medical provider if necessary.  In most states, when medical attention is needed, employees must utilize the company’s designated medical providers.  If an employee’s injury is urgent and needs immediate medical attention, they should proceed to the nearest ER and contact their GHR Staffing Specialist; following a visit to the ER, employees must also call and report their injury to PMA Care 24.
  • Injured employees must also report the injury/incident to the supervisor on duty at the facility and fill-out a facility incident report.
  • Injured employees should contact their Staffing Specialist within 24 hours of the injury/incident. If an injury/incident occurs outside of normal business hours, employees must still contact PMA Care 24 (1-833-957-0792) immediately and report the injury/incident to the on-call staff.
  • If employees do not report an injury/incident to PMA Care 24 and their Staffing Specialist within 24 hours, the financial responsibility of the injury may become theirs.

Work Status Determination

If medical treatment is provided, employees must notify their Staffing Specialist and Human Resources of any work restrictions they are placed on due to an injury that occurred while on assignment with GHR. If a client cannot accommodate the restriction(s), GHR has a Transitional Work Program that is available to employees who sustain a work-related injury, occupational disease, or illness, while on assignment for GHR that results in lost time from the job. For more details on this program, employees should contact Human Resources.

Drug testing is mandatory on ALL workers’ compensation claims (excluding exposure-related incidents). Any employee that commits WC fraud will be prosecuted to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.

If employees have any questions regarding panel providers or what steps are necessary after a work-related injury/incident, they should contact Human Resources at 800-879-4471; GHR’s on-call staff can also assist employees outside of regular business hours.

General Healthcare Resources’ workers’ compensation insurance is provided by:

PMA Insurance
Corporate Headquarters
380 Sentry Parkway
P.O. Box 3031
Blue Bell, PA 19422-0754