General Healthcare Resources, Inc. is pleased to offer qualitative FIT and Sensitivity testing for N95 respirators at many of our office locations. We will supply you with the N95 respirator and all documentation necessary for the testing.

Respirator fit testing performed to determine if an employee can maintain an acceptable respiratory fit and seal. Many healthcare facilities mandate that all personnel be FIT tested. GHR can provide you with the necessary respirator FIT testing to enable you to meet this requirement.

Fit testing will be administered using OSHA-accepted testing protocols. FIT testing consists of the subject placing the N95 respirator over their nose and mouth (forming a secure fit) and a placing a hood over their head. A solution is then injected into the hood and the subject asked to perform a series of test exercises. Including, but not limited to normal breathing, deep breathing, turning and nodding his/her head and talking. Once these exercises have been completed and if the subject has not detected the taste of the solution then the fit test is successful and the respirator fit is deemed adequate. The entire test takes approximately fifteen (15) minutes.

A FIT test should be conducted on an annual basis and any time there is a change that may affect the fit quality of the respirator. (Example: shaving or growth of facial hair, excessive weight loss or gain, etc.)

Please contact your local GHR office to schedule a FIT test.

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